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We can offer any food packaging solution. Our genuine service is second to none, providing quality packaging at an affordable price.

We have become recognised for our superior quality packing materials and are the leaders in the food packaging industry. We can supply food packaging for almost any industry and have stock on hand for prompt delivery.

We can customise your food packaging to meet any printing requirement; improving the aesthetic quality for sales. Our specialised vacuum pouches and shrink bags have been used by many in the meat and cheese industry.

We continue to supply quality solutions to businesses within the cooking, restaurant, cheese, meat and catering industries and offer a diverse range of storage and keeping solutions.

For quality storage solutions for a variety of products and items, submit an enquiry form.

Food Packaging Solutions

We can offer a food packaging solution for any edible product requirement you might have. We have a variety of pouches, bags, guard and netting to ensure your items are packaged to the highest standard. You can be sure your product will be thoroughly sealed with our packaging solutions.

Vacuum Pouches

FOODVAC Pouches Our vacuum pouches can be ordered in various sizes, thickness and quantities. We stock vacuum pouches from standard 70 micron gauge up to high barrier micron gauge. These can be used to preserve a range of items including fresh and processed meat, fish, poultry and cheese.

We also supply foil pouches on order and deliver to your business. These food packaging pouches are great for coffee, dried fruits and nuts.

Shrink Bags

FOODVAC Shrink Bags Our shrink bags can be ordered in standard or extra thick gauge to preserve foods for a long duration. Plain, transparent and printed shrink bags can be purchased from us and customised to your warehouse.

Bone Guard

Bone Guard We have bone guard food packaging to protect sharp bone objects from punctures. The bone guard packaging is thick to stop objects breaking through the sealed bag.


Netting Our netting can be ordered to package all of your meat products. This package will help to protect your lamb, pork or other food requirements.

About Us

We are your food packaging, processing and equipment specialists. Our company is committed to supplying quality products to every industry.

We have has experience in storing, ingredients, processing and machinery. Our products and equipment are used by a variety of industries and are recognised for their unique quality.

We strive to provide high quality goods and services such as ingredients, rolls of film in standard and anti fog applications, shrink bags, bone guards and netting, equipment and machinery.

We offers total support to each client; providing expert advice and solutions that work. For unique food packaging for any product - choose the experts, choose us. Submit an online contact form with any enquiries.